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Young Royals Season 1; What Can Get in Front of Love? | Series Review

Son güncelleme tarihi 23 Kasım 2021

Young Royals series may be the first of the sweetest Swedish series I’ve ever started. It had a calm and up-to-date atmosphere just just like the Norwegian drama Skam. At first, I thought that it would not interest me much in terms of its language, but later on, the events, atmosphere and characters made me connect to the series in a sweet way.

Young Royals series is a six-episode Swiss series with season one on Netflix. Episodes average 45 minutes and begin with the transfer of Prince Wilhelm, son of a royal family, to Hillerska, an elite boarding school. Swedish Prince Wilhelm goes online with videos after an argument with a group of people. He is sent to a very elite boarding school bu his family, even though he does not want to. This royal family is pushing Wilhelm more than he thinks. Trying to find himself, Wilhelm tries to stay afloat thanks to his older brother Erik. August, who is also his cousin at Hillerska boarding school, will assist him in this process. Being Erik’s friend also plays a big part in this.

For a while everything is going well. He has a room of his own, a school to get used to. It will be good for him to be away from royalty for a while, but unfortunately for a prince, life will not go like normal people.

Although he is physically aloof from royalty, the young prince is overwhelmed by the many unwritten rules that everyone at school must know at generally follow. Wilhelm will learn everything the hard way because of his life journey at the boarding school. So much so that his life will change faster than he thought when he falls in love with a young, gay boy named Simon, who has dark, curly hair and is extremely sweet. İt will develop so fast that is will not even realize that it is going at full speed, by hitting the wall.

Young Royals series reflects its sweet atmosphere and the authority that should be suffocating for a prince, very well. The actors’ performances weigh heavily on Wilhelm’s demeanor, the process of finding himself, and the rules he must follow as a prince. İt makes us, the viewers, understand what this weight means. It shows us that love doesn’t matter at all in some situations. This situation, where the class difference gives material to most screenwriters, even in girl-boy relationships, inevitably attracts even more attention when there are gay characters. As I said, the performances of the characters Simon (Omar Rudberg) and Wilhelm (Edvin Ryding) were tremendous.


  • Edvin Ryding (Wilhelm)
  • Omar Rudberg (Simon)
  • Malte Gardinger (August)
  • Nikita Ugla (Felice)
  • Fira Argento (Sara)

I think that the excitement about learning a new language has increased in many people thanks to Young Royals. I plan to at least look at the alphabet. 🙂 It was a pretty sweet and appropriate series for the first season that was just aired. In most of the reviews circulating on social media, we see that Young Royals has surpassed most of the gay-produced series/movies to date. Did I mention I’m looking forward to the season? 🙂

Come on, watch quickly and join the rush of those who are eagerly waiting for the new season like me!

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