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Norway’s Magic Skam | Series Review

Son güncelleme tarihi 23 Kasım 2021


Hello there!

Today, I’m going to talk to you about Skam series, a Norwegian series that I watch with admiration and I think you will watch as a fan. The name of the series, yes, the name sounded strange to me at first, but the series is a Norwegian drama. Translated from the Norwegian, this series has four seasons aired. Each season is about the lives of four people, although they are related to each other.


Skam series is literally a youth drama. It deals with the high school life of young people at Hartving Nissens secondary school in Oslo, as well as the troubles and family problems of these students living in Norway. So much so that when you watch the series, a text containing the day and time is displayed on the screen when starting an episode. While that information shows the current day and time in Norway, the series is being screened in real time for viewers in Norway. Maybe that’s why the series attracted a great deal of attention from the audience and the events experienced became more interesting.

Honestly, I’ve goddamn myself in every episode and I wish I had friends like this, I couldn’t help thinking. At the same time, the minutes of the episodes are not that long. One episode is around thirty minutes. This time increases in the following episodes, but if you have watched the series until then, the length of the minutes will satisfy you. After a while you will want it to never end.


The first season is about the life of our character Eva Kviig Mohn (Lisa Teige). This season is also a reason why all the characters bond with each other and help them get to know each other. Honestly, when you first start the series, the first episodes may be a bit boring and you may want to quit the series, but please don’t make such a mistake. Since the first episodes are half an hour long, it is a season that is deeply processed both to get to know the characters and to understand their lives. What the episodes consecutively. When you love the characters over time, you see, the season is almost over. Just give yourself time and the rest will come.

The second season is about the life of our character, Noora Amalie Saetre (Josefine Frida Pettersen). Honestly, one of my favorite seasons is the second season. For some reason, I always saw myself in Noora’s attitudes and thoughts. ”I would definitely do that if you were me, oh that’s how I would have done it.” I had so much fun watching. At the same time, I looked for some traces in her love. As always, I couldn’t help but wish that there was someone who loves me so well. Love, honor and pride were deeply and impressively worked out. This season will make you fall in love with the Skam series one again.

The third season is about the life our character Isak Valtersen (Tarjei Sandvik Moe). Ah, here’s an absolute favourite, a season that makes you want to go back and rewatch it every time. This season, too, Isak’s quest for self-discovery impressed me a lot. Anyway, in general, homosexuals cannot lead their lives easily, unfortunately, as a result of the secieteis they live in… Isak, on the other hand, tries to understand his thoughts on the way he is gay and at the same time tries to keep up with those around him. I watched Isak’s life with a smiling face. I watched with pleasure his love’s thoughts, his conversations, and I always thought that he deserved to be happy. I still stand behind this thought.

The fourth and final season is about the life of Sana Bakkoush (Iman Meskini). Sana Bakkoush is a Muslim. He deeply feels the difficulteis of living among people who are completely distant from him in religion and appearance. This season has also been quite impressive. As in the other seasons, the series beautifully deals with how the circle of friends will affect human life and how friends will be effective in the formation of an individual in every way.

Definitely watch the show. It will add many good things to you and cause you to live your life.

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