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Fantastic Night – Stefan Zweig; The Greatest Journey! | Book Review

Son güncelleme tarihi 16 Mart 2022

Fantastic Night

Author: Stefan Zweig
Publication 1922
Pages: 80

“Once a man has found himself there is nothing in this world that he can lose. And once he has understood the humanity in himself, he will understand all human beings.”

Stefan Zweig’s books, besides being short, have always been concise. I think anyone who has read a book will know this, that anyone who has read Zweig will understand it immediately. In terms of both its fiction and writing style, Fantastic Night is an average of 80 pages. It flows in one’s hand, it is not even clear when it ends. In short, when I look at the event as a writer, writing a book requires a completely different style, while being able to write that book concisely requires great talent. Because while writing a book, we think about the fictions in detail, analyze the characters, and then we create a world in our minds and bring them together with words. And this situation requires too much detail to be brief.

Fantastic Night is the story of a transformative experience in the life of a man who becomes increasingly apathetic as he leads a comfortable and carefree existence as an elite bourgeois. While he is spending an ordinary Sunday in a horse race, perhaps for the first time he commits a crime by deviating from bourgeois morality. So he realizes that he is starting to feel again, that he is a real person with malicious and fiery pleasures. If the joyful ecstasy within him will drag him to the last wastes of the night world, to the sewers at the bottom of life, on the evening of the same day, his destination will be a spiritual awakening.

Stefan Zweig fits all this into 80 pages, analyzes the characters by dragging the reader from emotion to emotion, and surprisingly ends the book. In my opinion, this is a situation that requires much more skill than fiction. Now that I think about it, I think the reason why Zweig got so much attention is because he had a completely different idea. I can’t imagine one person not loving Stefan Zweig’s books, while their descriptions and emotional transitions are so unique. Who knows how hard those pages were written, which we had a hard time reading and lived through to the end. I don’t know if there are places that give information about this, but I guess we will never find out.

I would like to talk about the subject of the book without going into details. Fantastic Night, as can be understood from the back cover of the book, is about the life of a man who continues his life as a bourgeois in one night.

While the man mentioned in the book is living his life comfortably, on an ordinary Sunday, at a horse race, he commits a crime for the first time in his life and this incident changes his life in an instant. Nothing will ever be the same in the man’s soul anymore. The man realizes that he is starting to feel surprisingly again after his crime. This crime makes him realize something completely, instead of being filled with remorse. He didn’t regret it in the slightest. Contrary to goodness, he released the evil thoughts circulating in his soul. But there is something the man does not know. In the evening of what happened on the same day, a completely different surprise awaits the man.

Fantastic Night, with Stefan Zweig’s extraordinary narration, changes the life of the protagonist in an extraordinary way, and causes the reader to question his life and himself.

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