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City of Lost Souls – The Mortal Instruments 5 | Book Review

Son güncelleme tarihi 29 Kasım 2021


Jace Lightwood cannot escape the ritual of bringing back Jonathan Morgernstern, son of the supreme demon Lilith, and becomes attached to him with his soul. Now Jace is soul-bound to the man he hates, and the Shadowhunters must be very careful as Sebastian’s death will destory Jace as well.

The Shadowhunters are freed from the evils of Supreme Demon Lilith. While Clary thinks she’s reunited with the man she loves, she unexpectedly delivers him into the hands of evil. Because of Lilith’s seal on his heart, Jace steps into the world of evil, giving life to Jonathan with his blood. Even though Lilith is destroyed by the power of the seal of Cain on Simon’s forehead, she does not stop taking over Jace’s mind. Jace is now on the side of evil with Valentine’s real son, Jonathan Morgenstern.

The Shadowhunters can’t find where Jace and Jonathan dissappeared. Clary, Alec, Isabelle and Simon can’t help thinking that Jace is dead, but they try not to think about it anymore. Because the parabatia seal, symbolizing Alec’s devotion to Jace, is still in effect. Alec reassures his friends that he’ll feel it if his parabatia dies. All Alec feels is a sense of lack. This somehow leads them to think that Jace is alive.

Clary tries to do anything she can to find Jace, the man she loves. But this will not be easier than you think. After the events because of the demon Lilith, the Council has put limits on some things. The task of finding Jace and Jonathan (Sebastian) is the Council’s responsibility. The Shadowhunters do not dwell on this situation for a while and are forced to wait, but the Council has other duties as well. Unable to find Jace, the Council soon gives up on looking for him, starting to consider his priorities. This infuriates Clary, she will no longer sit and wait.

Simon is having a hard time because of his mother. Now that he is tired of lying to his mother, he tells her about his true self and confesses that he is a vampire. However, he could not find the reaction he expected, on the contrary, he was thrown out of the house by making accusations of monsters. Horrified by this situation, Simon made his mother forhet what he had been through thanks to his vampire powers, and then left the house. After what he experienced with Lilith, he gathers his courage and goes home again, but the blindfold he made for his mother has lost its effect. His mother reminds him of everything and nothing changes. Simon thinks he has lost his mother forever.

Even though their experiences are difficult to control as always, he must stay with his friends and try to find Jace. All this helps him no to think a little about his mother.

Clary takes action after the Covenant stops looking for Jace. She must get back the man she loves no matter what. So, doing what he said he would never do, he goes to the Seelie Queen and asks her for help. Of course, this will not be easy. The cunning queen has many wishes to help the Shadowhunters. Clary is unaware of what will happen to her as she accepts the queen’s request, even at the risk of the life of the man she loves.

She learns that Jace is alive and even sees it with her own eyes. Not only is Jace Alive, he’s laughing and making jokes just like the old Jace Wayland. Especially with the man she hates, Clary’s older brother Jonathan Morgenstern. Clary is horrified by all of this, and she quickly becomes one and reveals all this to Simon. Although Simon doesn’t admit it at first, he can’t help but stand by Clary’s determination. Clary’s plan is to go and spy on Jace and Jonatahn, thanks to the Seelies’ communication rings. They will also make their communication with the rings, the other one of which is Simon. In this way, they will be able to tell each other that they are good.

Clary is confident that Jace will pick her up, because a few days ago she and Jonathan had come to the house where they lived with Luke and set out to get him. Jace still loves him, but instead of Jace, who is now free to make his own decisions, he has become a puppet Jace, who fulfills Jonathan’s wishes. Knowing this, Clary takes the reckless action to help him and gives up on herself for her life.

Meanwhile, Alec can’t get over the possibility that he will die before Magnus. By doing something he should not do, he communicates with the vampire Camille and asks her to help him solve the situation. Cunning Camille will play with the heart of the naive Alec, so to speak. This request will bring a terrible event to Alec with no return.


Oh Cassandra Clare…

The City of Lost Souls book was so good that I read it again with excitement. The excitement, the action, the way they feel…

City of Lost Souls was a wonder in itself. In the fifth book, Jace Wayland (like the author, I don’t know what last name to call Jace) anyway, Jace managed to win my heart even though he turned evil. Oh Jace, Jace… You are too beautiful!

I loved Mia and Jordan couple too much, they were just too cute. I don’t even think about the series while reading The City of Lost Souls anymore, because there is a completely different subject in the series apart from the books. For example, in the book, sparks started to ignite between Mia and Jordan shortly after they met, but they became friends after Jordan was injured, before Mia was dating Simon. In the series, he and Isabelle even fell in love after breaking up with Mia. That’s why the book is so much better. In the book, Simon is only with Isabelle, the attraction between them is just too beautiful.

I mean, the books have no level to compare with the series. Right now, I think the series has definitely ruined the books. I don’t understand why Cassandra didn’t prevent this. I didn’t think so at first, but after reading City of Lost Souls, I definitely think the series is an insult to the books. The books are great! Cassandra Clare might be my favorite writer after J.K Rowling. While those sibling chats can be super annoying in some places, overall it’s really good. Still, it can’t be a Harry Potter, of course. 🙂

Before concluding my comment, I would also like to talk about Alec&Magnus. Oh, actually I could absolutely swear at Alec and beat him up, yell at him! Stupid Alec! I’m rolling my eyes at him right now… He acts like a child without realizing what he is doing! Forget about who will die and who will live… Go try to find Jace, your brother, your parabatia. Let love come from behind, what will it be, why do you keep scrutinizing and ruining everything? If I were Magnus, I’s be pissed too…

Ay, I’m really pissed off about this. I wonder what will happen.

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