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City of Heavently Fire – The Mortal Instruments 6 | Book Review

Son güncelleme tarihi 29 Kasım 2021


Clary has finally freed the man she loves from Lilith’s seal confinement. But this did not produce results as he had expected. Although Jace is freed from Sebastan’s obligation, the Angel Raziel’s sword Glorious has impacted Jace’s body. Jace Ligthwood has been living with the Heavently Fire in his body for a while.

The events affected the New York World of Shadows. Jace’s alliance with Sebastian has cause a lot of trouble, and even though Jace is now freed from his grip, he still has a lot to do. Though left alone, Sebastian is never quite alone as long as he has the Hell’s Cup in hand. After a short visit to Los Angeles, he puts Blacktorn and the Carstairs in a difficult possition and cause the destruction of their families.

Emma Carstairs, who saved Sebastian from his attack on Los Angeles, went to Alicante without wasting time and told the Assembly what happened. Sebastian’s goal is to make all Shadowhunters drink from the Inferno Cup, killing their souls and bringing them into his own phase. He also wants his sister, Clary. This will upset the balance a lot. The demon power inside Sebastian is bigger than they think.

Hearing all this, the New York Shadowhunters immediately set off for Alicante, the City of Glass. They must do whatever it takes to stop Sebastian. Without stopping

Sebastian goes to the Shadowhunter Institutes in every country, transforming what Works for him and killing those who do not. The demons, as always, help Sebastian. It’s not just Shadowhunters on Sebastian’s route. Werewolves are also in sight, and this will create an irreversible problem for Jordan Kyle. Sebastian, as always, is three steps ahead.

No one knows about the deal he made with the Queen of the Seelie Place, and he traps the Shadowhunters. Luke, Jocelyn, Magnus and Raphael fall into an unexpected trap when they g oto meet the fairy queen to negotiate a deal aganist Sebastian. With this opportunity, Sebastian smuggles them to Edom, the City of Hell. At the same time, while they are in another dimension, Edom, their chances of being followed disappear. It’s up to Clary and her friends to save Luke, Jocelyn, Magnus and Raphael. While Jace is swirling through his lofty heavenly fire body, he realizes that he has a victory over Sebastian and decides to use it to his advantage. Clary, Jace Isabelle, Alec and Simon have no choice but to go to the Hell City of Edom. They will either save the people he loves or let Sebastian take over the city. The fate of Simon, who is an ‘ordinary’ boy, will change the moment he steps into the lands of Edom.


City of Heavntly Fire…

I want to give more details about the subject, but I don’t want it to be a spoiler. The Mortal Instruments – City of Heavently Fire, I want to talk very, very much. But I don’t know exactly what to say. It was really beautiful. Being able to say goodbye to the loves of Clary&Jace, Alec&Magnus is extremely unhappy. It was such a good series… I think he made a great finale with City of Heavently Fire. Finishing it both helps me get closer to my goals and causes me to feel a bitter sadness. Just like the feelings I feel when I finish every series, every book; both beautiful and sad.

The series was a really impressive series for me in terms of both its fiction and what it did. Jace, Clary, Alec, Magnus, Isabelle, Simon, Maia, Jordan… They were all great characters. I have a hard time counting all the characters in the book and not writing my feelings about them.:)

When I thought about it, there was no empty, unfilled, grinning characters. All of them were included in the story in one way or another, enriching the story. What can I say about this series other than nice words? The writing style, the narration, the story, the flow, everything was great. Again, I couldn’t help but evny that I could write such things.

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