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City of Glass – The Mortal Instruments 3 | Book Review

Son güncelleme tarihi 23 Kasım 2021


Clary has recieved information to save her mother. For this she has to go to the City of Glass, but it will not be as easy as she thinks. Valentine, on the other hand, aims to find the third toy, the Mirror, and fulfill his wish from the Angel Raziel. Jace and Clary must save the city as they struggle to overcome the shock of their brotherhood with their hearts. This time around, Shadowhunters have a tough job in the City of Glasses.

Clarissa Fary has been trying to ignore her closeness to Jace ever since she learned she was actually a Morganstern. Likewise, Jace has been trying to control his emotions ever since he told Clary that he wanted to approach her as a big brother. While this situation is agonizing for the two young Shadowhunters, they have no other choice.

With things going terribly wrong for Clary, she unexpectedly receives information from Maddeleine Bellefleur to help her mother come out of her come. Madeleine is her mother’s friend from Idris and tells Clary that her mother is not in a coma, that she did it on purpose, that it was her plan. In this way, Valentine will not be able to receive information when he imprisoned him. In Alicante, the City of Glass, Clary learns that a spellbook called the White Book owned by a Demon Lord named Ragnor Fell contains spells necessary for her mother’s healing. She must go to the City of Glass without wasting time. A glimmer of hope arises in Clary’s heart to save her mother, but nothing goes as she hopes.

The Shadowhunters, who are also tehir friends, Jace, Alec and Isabel, do not want Clary to go to Alicante for safety. Clary’s best friend, Simon, is also a part of the business, but this will lead to an end that neither of them expected. Before Jace goes to the City of Glass, he calls Simon so he can convince Clary. They are unexpectedly attacked by the Forgotten and have to go through the gateaway to the City of Glass together. This includes Simon, a Downwolder. Finding himself reluctantly in Alicante, Simon stays with the Shadowhunters, but must get out of here as soon as possible. One law of the City of Glass is that no Downworlder can enter the city without permission. This situation will drag Simon into events that he could not even predict.

Meanwhile, unaware of anything Clary arrives at the Institute to leave Luke and travel, but finds no one. When she tells Luke what happened, she realizes that they had gone unnoticed and goes crazy. She will not agree to stand by without doing anything to save her mother. Thanks to his ability to Seal, he creates a portal that only demon lords can open, and he and the werewolf Luke pass through to the City of Glass. Here, she will witness adventures she never expected.

Valentine’s plan is diffirent. Owning two Mortal Instruments, a trophy and a sword, Valentine puts his deadly plans into action to obtain teh last Mortal Instrument, the Mirror. Once he has all three Mortal Instruments, the High Angel will summon Raziel and make one wish to grant him one wish, whatever it may be.

The Shadowhunters coming to the City of Glass this time have a tough job. Trying to control his feelings for Clary, Jace will learn mant shocking truths about himself and have to make tough decisions about his life and loved ones. Clary will do everything in her power to save her mother. Even if she had to trust a demon lord… She will also have to confront her mother as she learns shocking truths about the Shadowhunters, her past and herself. Alec, on the other hand, will have to make a decision about Magnus.

There is a spy in Alicante. War, led by Valentine, is at the door. While the Shadowhunters think they are safe, in the City of Glass they must pass a major test that will change their lives.


The third book in the Mortal Instruments series, City of Glass, was a book where the action reached its final point. It moved so fast after the first hundred pages that I had a hard time keeping up with the events, but it was simply amazing. The first two books in the series, as I said before, seemed designed to get to know the characters and enter the world. The City of Glasses, on the other hand, was tremendously fluid and now complete. The third book, we might call Valentine’s fall book. The events and the narration were so beautiful that I didn’t want to put the book down. I wanted things to reach a point as soon as possible, but at the same time I was tense because of what had happened. for now, I can say the City of Glass book as the top book of the Mortal Instruments series.

Although I do not know exactly, according to a hearsay, Cassandra Clare is designed as three books in this series and will finish it after City of Glass. In fact, he finished the book just as everything was fine, most of it was completed and there weren’t many question marks left, but when I thought about it, I’m glad he decided to write three more books. Because in my opinion, it would be sad if Clare, who has a tremendous imagination, would end the series at this point. In addition, the author, who has dragged the love of Jace and Clary to a dead end for three books, puts it in order in the last pages of the book, of course, does not mean that he will not break it again. I hope we get to see more of Alec and Magnus in the sequels.

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