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City of Fallen Angels – The Mortal Instruments 4 | Book Review

Son güncelleme tarihi 23 Kasım 2021


After the end the Great War, Clary returned to her normal New York life. But Shadowhunters, the world normal doesn’t sound very good. She has many other problems to deal with. One of them is called Jace. While Clary thinks they will live a ‘normal’ life when she finds out that the man she loves is no longer her borther, Jace Wayland relaizes that a vulnerable door has been opened in his soul.

The Great War ended with the efforts of the Downworlders and Shadowhunters. Now that Valentine is dead, his son Sebastian, whose real name is Jonathan, is killed by Jace, but Clary and Jace must keep a big secret. It is Jace’s death and resurrection by the Angel Raziel. This will upset the balance for both parties in a way that they do not realize.

Clarissa Fray has returned to New York to lead a normal life with the man she loves. Now, there are no obstacles in front of them to live a happy life with Jace. She also started traing to become a Shadowhunters. Her mother is a also making plans to marry Luke. Clary learns what shadow hunteing means, spends time with the man she loves, and supports her mother’s happiness. While life passes as calmly as it should be for Clary, problems still haunt Clary, as always.

While he thought nothing could go this bad after his best friend Simon became a vampire, Simon had turned into a Daywalker after Jace sucked his blood. Simon, one of the Children of the Night, now lives comfortably during the day. However, as he copes with the problems of lying to his family, things actually go much further for the vampire young man.

Simon is highly valued for both his strength and blood. The Seal of Cain, which Clary has lined across her forehead to protect his, is also mysteriously taking down creatures that want to attack his. Trying to cope with an unknown seal, Simon has problems in his love life that he is not accustomed to. Together with Clary, he is trying to learn about a completely different life, far from the ordinary.

Alec&Magnus try to get their love in order somehow. Alec is careful not to lose the man he loves while trying to deal with the problems of being a mortal compared to Magnus. But Magnus’s past life complicates this. Alec has to deal with his heart and his mind at the same time.

Jace, on the other hand, has been trying to deal with his bad dreams alone since he came back from the dead. The common point of dreams is always the same; killing the woman he loves… Disrupting the balance of the universe unintentionally will cause problems that they never anticipated. Will Clary&Jace be able to overcome their love despite everything?


The fourth book in the Mortal Instruments series, City of Fallen Angels, helped me feel good and read quickly thanks to its fluency. This time we read most of the place though Simon’s eyes, which allowed us to get out of Clary’s thoghts and read other people’s feelings as well. I like it. In this way, we learn about Simon’s thoughts in this world. I also liked the closeness he had with Isabelle.

Still, my favorite couple after Jace&Clary is Alec&Magnus! Oh, they’re so beautiful that I couldn’t help but smirk when I read about tehir romance in City of Fallen Angels. Alec’s feelings are so beautiful, and when I visualize what happened, I get extremely happy. I also feel in love with Jace again, fell in love again. What did you do, Jace, whose last name is not even known. 🙂

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