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City of Bones – The Mortal Instruments 1 | Book Review

Son güncelleme tarihi 23 Kasım 2021


Fifteen-year-old Clarissa Fary, who got her painting talent from her mother, lives with her mother in New York. According to her mother, her father died in a car accident when Clary was very young, and her mother raised Clary with a friend named Luke. He also has a good life with Simon, who is the same age as his best friend Clary, and has a nerd appearance, so to speak.

One day, Clary encounters an unexpected event at a club called Pandemonium with Simon. Three people dressed as warriors torture a man with their weapons in their hands. Clary cannot remain silent in the face of this incident that she encounters bu chance and intervenes by doing something she should not do. But there are things Clary doesn’t know. First, she has seen things that she should not consider to be an ‘ordinary’, and secondly, the man he tortured is not an ordinary person.

Clary learns that the three people she meets (Jace, Alec and Isabella) are actually a Shadowhunter (Demon Hunter), and the man is a demon. Clary had no idea about this kind of thing until now. From that moment on, she learns that she is not an ordinary person, she is despended from a shadow hunter. He will also surprisingly learn many more mysterious details about everyone she knows.

Love. Blood. Betrayal. Demons. The first book in the New York Times No. 1 bestselling Shadowhunter series that has swept the globe airs on Netflix in January 2016. Irresistibly drawn towards a group of demon hunters, Clary encounters the dark side of New York City – and the dangers of forbidden love. Read all the sensational books in The Shadowhunter Chronicles: The Mortal Instruments, The Infernal Devices, Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy, The Bane Chronicles and The Shadowhunter’s Codex.


It was not difficult for me to understand the events as I watched both the movie and the series of the City of Bones book. It was also a pleasure to read his book, as I created pieces of my own mind between the pages, rather than watching the visual field. Although I thought that the events would go the same as the movie or TV series for a while, I picked it up over time. Only the looks of the characters same to mind, which was not so much of a problem.

I’m a little late reaind this series, I don’t know why. I think I had a problem in my reading area focusing on serials for a while, and I feel like I’ve overcome this after reading the Harry Potter series. After that, I finished more series, and without wasting any more time, I thought I should start the Mortal Instruments series as well. At the same time, a big reason why I started the series was the love of Alec&Magnus in the series that came out on Netflix (now made its finale), which many people didn’t like. I wanted to start because I was wondering how they worked in the book. When I asked a friend about it, she said that the books focus on the love of Jace&Clary, and the love of Alec&Magnus is expalined in more detail in the side book, Diaries of Bane. Still, although they don’t go into detail, it’s generally a pleasure to read.

In City of Bones, the author’s language was extremaly good. I was not bored anywhere while reading. Maybe, as I said, because I am used to the world of movies/TV series and I love fantastic works, nothing was foreign to me. I think the sequels explain some of the details in more detail, and thatwill give it a taste that it doesn’t it movies/TV series. They had already bought the movie rights of the first book and made it. I have no idea about the author’s other books. After that, they focused on the drama, but when the drama didn’t have the desired effect, they made the finale.

If I have to end my aticle, I wanted to talk about the City of Bones book, without giving spoilers for those who haven’t read it. I hope it was useful. ♥

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