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City of Ashes – The Mortal Instruments 2; In the Shadow of the Past | Book Review

Son güncelleme tarihi 23 Kasım 2021


Clary struggles to control her emotions after learning that Jace is her older brother. Likewise, this situation is very difficult for Jace. Clary’s mother is still in a come. As everything progresses uncomfortably, Valentine has also captured the second Mortal Instruments, the Sword, and is engaged in treacherous plans.

When Clarissa Fray learns that Jace is her older brother, she tries to control her feelings for him. The same is true for Jace. So much so that the young ma, who thought for years that he had no familt other than the Lightwoods, suddenly learns that he has both his father and sister. This situation drags him into a dead and with a process of growth.

He is in love with the girl he knows is his sister, and the man he knows is his father (Valentine) is extremely dangerous and scray. He plans fo from an army of demons with the deadly toys he collects, and with it he aims to overthrow the Center. Clary’s mother is still in a coma. While dealing with this, Clary must also stop her father Valentine with the Shadowhunters.

Trying to regain her powers, Clary, meanwhile, discovers a talent that other shadowhunters lack. At the same time, Jace has a talent that no one else has, just like Clary. While coping with problems, and unexpected and unfortunate event happens to Clary best friend, Simon. This will completely affect his already shaky life.

Alec, too, will start to listen to the voice of his heart, despite everything, he will go where his soul takes him.


City of Ashes book is finished in a short time. There was not much action in terms of action, but I think it was a good book emotianlly in terms of development of the characters and the reader’s adaptation to the world of shadows. The development of the characters, the events they experienced, the harmony between Jace and Clary was very pleasant. Even though I was annoyed with Clary at times, I could have reacted to her if I somehow put myself in her shoes. Although they are fictional characters, they are brought to life and come to life in Cassandra Clare’s words. In this way, we get annoyed with some of the characters and fall in love with others. 🙂

As I said, the issues that passed between Jace and Clary were livable details. They soon formed an emotional bond with each other before they knew they were brother and sister. When they learned that they were related by blood, it was torture for both of them to ignore this situation.

I guess in the City of Ashes it was only Alec who started good things in his life. I loved the rapprochement with Magnus. Even though it wasn’t explained too much and was passed superficially, even this made me extremely happy. He was one of my favorite characters in the TV series Alec. As I read it, I like it even more when a tall, handsome, shy and extremely thoughtful character comes to mind like in the TV series.

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