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Ao Haru Ride Volume 1; Are You Ready For An Innocent Love? | Manga Review

Son güncelleme tarihi 23 Kasım 2021


“The scent of air after the rain. I heard your pulse. I saw the light.

In high school, Futaba gets a second chance with her first love, Kou.

Futaba Yoshioka thought all boys were loud and obnoxious until she met Kou Tanaka in junior high. But as soon as she realized she really liked him, he had already moved away because of family issues. Now in high school, she meets Kou again, but is he still the same boy she fell in love with?

Ao Haru Ride is a 13-book manga series written and illustrated by Io Sakisaka. Although the subject is simple, it really caught my attention. Today I’m going to tell you about the Ao Haru Ride Volume 1 manga.

First, I will explain the subject superficially, then I will not hesitate to give spoilers. Therefore, we think that it will be a good article for both those who do not have the opportunity to read and those who want to read and refresh.

Ao Haru Ride Volume 1 is a youth manga based on middle school student Futaba Yoshioka’s crush on a middle school student named Kou Tanaka and then unable to forget Tanaka. Futaba doesn’t like boys at all during her middle school years. As soon as he sees them, he wants to run away, he doesn’t want to be around them. But there is one among them whose curiosity about him is increasing day by day. Tanaka is not like other men. It is gentle and kind. This brings Futaba close to him, causing him to wonder.

Futaba is devastated when she learns that Tanaka was transferred from school in the second half of middle school. He disappeared in an instant before he could yet express his feelings for her. At the same time, he can’t help but that Tanaka left because he overhead something he said publicly. One day, Futaba says something like I hate all men because she’s mad at a man, and at that moment Tanaka is passing by. Although Futaba regrets what she said, it is too late. Later, he learns that Tanaka has been transferred to another school.

Now, she’s a high school freshman and is somewhat good with her friends. But she will realize that she still can’t forget Tanaka when she has a teacher named Tanaka at her school. She likens his to her first love and knows that it can’t be real. While she doesn’t let go, she meets the real Tanaka, his new name Kou Mabuchi. Kou Mabuchi is indeed the boy she fell in love with in middle school. He changed his last name after his parents’ divorce and wants to be called Mabuchi now. But like its name, Kou has also changed. He has turned into a child who doesn’t care about anything, unlike his middle school self. HE doesn’t even care about Futaba’s interest in him.

But love will always find a way to move forward, no matter how much time passes. Now, when they fall into the same class in the second year of high shcool, a completely different adventure awaits them.

As Ao Haru Ride Volume 1 ends here, you are drawn into a sweet and innocent love life. Let’s see what will happen between Futaba and Mabuchi? Futaba will even make a new friend named Yuri Makita, ignoring her annoying friends next to her. High school life seems to be difficult when you think about it.

**An anime of the series is also avaiable, but I haven’t watched it yet. I plan to watch it after the manga. So I can’t say anything about it.

Turkish Version

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